Love A Soft Person. (The Importance Of Having A Gentle Soul.)

Love a soft Person.

Love a soft person. The kind whose heart breaks over puppies and injured children. Someone who cries over sad endings to movies and feels deep joy over happy ones. Someone who kisses your soul instead of your heart because they know that your soul is where you keep your universe and your heart is just one star. The sort of person who is told they are over-sensitive because they have a more fragile, easily wounded heart. (Yet soft people will always find a reason to smile, no matter how unhappy things are.)

Love a soft person. A human being who always has a kind smile for everyone, even when they do not get a smile back in return. Someone whose heart breaks over the condition of this world. Someone who always has a gentle word for those who have received the worst news they could in that moment. A man or a woman who cannot look at someone suffering and do nothing to help out. (You see, soft people will never stand for injustice in front of them and let it go when someone is hurting or injured.)

Love a soft person. The ones who are positive, even in the worst of circumstances. Someone whose strength is not in bravado, but in their quiet. Someone who is strong for others because that is what is needed in that moment. Someone who is the moon that soothes instead of the sun that burns. Someone who sees the very best in people even when you think they aren’t worth it. The kind of person who always wants to do the best for those they love. (Because soft people cannot stand the idea of hurting someone that has bestowed upon them their trust.)

Love a soft person. The kind who looks at someone who is struggling, whether it is to open a door, or have lost their keys and will do everything they can to help out. Someone who would rather suffer themselves than let anyone else down. Someone who tries, not because it is what they have to do, but because they want to do the best by you. A human being that is always willing to communicate and talk things through. (The softest people will always ask twice if you are okay, when you say you are, because they can read moods and understand when you need someone who just listens to you.)

Protect a soft person. These kind of people are becoming endangered with words like ‘toughen up’ and ‘you’re so naïve’ and ‘they’re going to take advantage of you’. Someone who you can see is trying despite being broken themselves. Someone who is an easy target for ridicule because their heart is softer than most others around. Someone who is quick to apologize and fix things regardless of blame or fault. (Soft people need protection not because they are weak but because they have been broken brutally by those they have trusted with their hearts.)

Be a soft person. Be a cushion in a world full of rocks and hard places. Be a gentle soul where everyone else is jaded. Be that person. Because people like that are rarer and more precious than the rarest of jewels in this world.

Written by Nikita Gill

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  1. So very true. I’m that type of person . But I’m not sure it’s a good thing because people use and abuse you

  2. I used to be that way. But i have paid a high price for it. No more. I am not soft anymore. I learned it is not good.

  3. A kind hearted individual is exactly what this world needs. You are all loved and appreciated for all that you do. Thank you.

  4. Being a soft person like myself i put up with so much like verbal abused and martyrn and like deep down you self esteem tries being push at. Over years being soft it taught me that we
    Get hurt most .we give heart out over over to be tramped . When does it end .

  5. Very well defined! I am that kind of person that gets hurt but still forgive,
    pleases everybody to make them happy.

    1. i added him to my watspp first. now he does not seem to have even added me. so he does not really is what is happening …….

  6. atleast this valentines day will you show any courage to meet me or atleast talk to me.

    or your ego your dignity n image …. will be important still.

    this hide n seek game is not really nice.
    but i know you wont be able to give me any surprise. as always…happy playing safe.

  7. 😂 wow some of these comments sound like someone I know. He sure is an asshole with a lot a problems. I pity the poor fool. It’s sad but laughable. Sure I may sound cruel but when you get stabbed in the back and lie to the people you “love” and we all know you never loved. You can’t love. You’ve got a “poor unfortunate soul” my dear and boy I laugh everyday knowing I spit in this guys peanut butter.

  8. Thankyou so much for this post.
    I’m a soft person….and I truly believe that it is part of who I am, it’s not a choice. To act contrary to this only causes pain, inner suffering and sadness. Being soft is not a weakness, it doesn’t mean people can take advantage or walk over you, you need to set limits.
    The way I phrase it to people who think I’m being taken advantage of is “ I have a high tolerance of bad behavior “. I have a limit and if you try to go past it look out. One of my proudest moments was when I won a 1 1/2yr battle with a really nasty coworker, without stooping to her tactics. That meant I always treated her kindly, pleasently. I would do my work and if I felt it necessary would offer to help her, if I had the time. If she tried to somehow coerce or guilt me into doing something I could or would not do, I just said no….. she never became a great coworker but Did for the most part give up…..healthy softness has limits. But I’ve come to recognize that. What makes me happy is helping others to be happy regardless if they appreciate it or not. If I go contrary to my personality it is toxic and has potential to destroy me. It almost did.

    I’m a 60yr old, blue collar type guy who likes fishing hunting, camping, fixing old cars…. I worked for 30years in the oilfield, farmhand, lumber industry areas where softness is a weakness. How I ended up there was I grew up in a time when men were not supposed to need any one, boys don’t cry, being tough is how you keep from being walked over. In addition I grew up in a horror story dysfunctional home that pushed that credo to its limits. I did my best to stifle anything that appeared to be soft. This was hard because I was a runt of a kid and had no brother to model myself after.
    By the time I was 10 I decided no matter how severe the punishment no one would ever make me cry, I did a really good job because at sixty it’s almost impossible to make me cry, no matter how scary a situation I appear as dead calm, and as a bonus I can’t laugh… I can’t remember the last time I ever had a good belly laugh….
    Anyway you can guess that being this way and not acting in way of kindness, and being “soft” only ended up in me having a huge breakdown. It affected my career, but it also allowed me to get the help I needed to understand myself. 15 yrs later, I live much truer to who I am and for the most part I’m proud of who I am. And that people recognize and tell me that I m a “kind” good man. It’s not always easy but I recognize It’s who I am. The last three years have been really tough and recently I began to develop an but more of a negative attitude, taking some of life’s truths like there’s no happy endings and “ life isn’t fair “ and have started becoming a bit more bitter. But I’m refocusing and without denying the reality of those truths, again recognize that there still is my response to that truth that I have control over. My response is I will continue to be kind and good despite the way Im treated or the circumstances I’m placed in . Because that will give me the fuel I fill my soul with. I cannot become otherwise because if I do I’ll die of spiritual malnutrition and become a empty shell.

    Be proud of being a soft person, seek out people who affirm and nurture that spirit. It can be a rough road but in the end it’s the best and only road that you have been given to follow

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