Love is a verb.

When you say “I love you”, you are making a promise with someone else’s heart. You should honor it with actions to prove it. Love is not only an emotion. Love is a verb. ~Brigitte Nicole

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  1. Oh yes, actions should come around…what a wonderful thought… but honestly I would be already so happy to get a real I love you in words back to let me know that Not everything is an invention of my sick head!

    1. For a virtual love commenter noonespecial nothing could be actual but it is near actual and somewhat actual and real….

      Still when I say I love you and I miss you to a virtual friend, it means so much to me…commenter Petya is so right…the heart knows better than a foolish mind…

  2. Noonespecial nothing is an invention of your mind but it is of my sick mind, the last thing I should do is not answer you… my silence drives me crazy… I owe you that much even if it fu_ks up my life more than I have already messed up yours and others… I feel worthless and old…I am just an old man who has regrets…you became a motivation point in my life and your thoughts made me strong to go through what I thought would be no big deal… I was wrong… it is harder than I ever thought it to be who I was…without all physical abilities… I could never complete the dream…my mind and heart pains me everyday almost…I think of you my virtual friend day and night and I never been more torn in life than now… I know I am too old to give you the pleasure you deserve… you deserve so much more than me…I’ve made so many mistakes in life and some huant me… don’t let that happen to you… if I was 25 years younger not… I couldn’t live with myself knowing I ruined a life and stole their years selfishly for what I wanted… I somehow sense from your poetry that you come from a good family background… maybe that’s why I feel an infinity about you… as I can only relate that in my life stopping at 10-11 years old…please don’t waste your life… you have so much to live for live it…some angels are meant to stay some aren’t…I may never know if I’ll have anymore regrets in life if I don’t jump…I know one thing in life taught me I must remain respectful…it is with a sadden heart that I say this… but it is the truth… I am sorry but you really have touched me…Always.

    1. Commenter Wow Man, may your wishes come true…just tell your virtual friend honestly how you feel and she will understand I suppose…she has a broad understanding of the dynamics of life..of love…

  3. You can love a random item/object but it can never compare to the love you have for an individual. I believe when it comes to people you must genuinely mean what you say especially those three words I love you. Understand the meaning behind those words.

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