Losing feelings.

One of the best feelings is finally losing feelings and your attachment to somebody that isn’t good for you.

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  1. sometimes it takes a very long time. sometimes, you can’t even remember when your feelings changed, especially in an abusive marriage or relationship. you can end a relationship because you know it’s making you miserable, you can decide that this is not the way you want to live, and still grieve the relationship, still love the person. and, at last, you realize that you just loved the person that you wanted then to be.

  2. It is taking me a long time, every time I go through this. A year or two of avoiding her I will finally stop thinking of her.

  3. Yes, Rosie Stewart, you are so right. This happened to me it took years to realize this about a certain person, a very close person. As time goes by the wounds really do heal, but you never forget the experience, right? Also it could happen again with someone else and you will recognize it more easily. I find you may/ can forget but never forgive and can’t help hold a grudge? This will be a life long hurt. It will always be there in your subconscious waiting to resurface? Anyway this has been my experience. Good Luck, all!

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