To encourage you to keep going.
To remind you to be strong.

Published on February 2, 2015 in Picture Quotes

Here’s to the people who try their hardest to be good enough for everyone; who spend hours reading random quotes to find the right one; who listen to the same song dozens of times because the lyrics mean a lot; who deserve so much more than they get and are willing to fight for it and those who wished upon a star, wasted on someone that will never care; and to the beautiful people that feel lonely in their heart.


  1. linda February 9, 2015 Reply

    Wow….this is me.

  2. Vaibhav Chaturvedi February 26, 2015 Reply

    I would genuinely like to thank you Brigitte Nicole for this lovely & amazing site you have got going here.
    God Bless you Love… 🙂

    • Author
      Brigitte February 26, 2015 Reply

      Thank you so much for your wonderful compliment Vaibhav, 🙂

  3. Simon hobson June 6, 2015 Reply

    I need a very special quote for my son’s expressions of love mother son

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