Listen to your heart.

Listen to your heart; start recognizing when something isn’t good for you and be strong enough to let it go. A person can only waste the time you give them an opportunity to waste. Stop trying to open doors for people who constantly shut you out. Make sure the interest is shown in the effort, the talk is supported by the actions, and the trust is earned through the consistency.

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  1. Noonespecial it is not without sadness in my heart that l let go and move forward… it has pained me & you for many many months…it’s just not healthy for either of us…giving up on one of my dreams is my regret…not easy for me… I am sincerely sorry and will miss your minds presence and healing… don’t waste your years and be the proud person l know you are…words were hard and never wanted to write but I must…hurting others is not who l can be…

  2. In my opinion, I believe the heart knows whats truly meant for us. It is our mind which self sabotages our desires and causes us confusion. Your heart will know who is worth the effort regardless of how difficult things may seem. The heart has a mind of its own. If your heart tells you this person is the one for me, you will do your best to work things through with one another. Because your love for them is unconditional. You don’t just give up on love when things go wrong. Just think of the love parents have for their children. The love they have for us does not go away when we make mistakes. Love requires patience and forgiveness. You must speak to one another and work together to find a solution and balance within. Vulnerability and trust are also essential in love.

  3. Some people have no hearts. Have no feelings. I have learned this. I couldn’t be happier with a heartless person out of my life. Wow Man your story sounds so familiar.

  4. Was never a farucs feeling were real without straight old fashioned talk there will always be misunderstandings…boundaries… families… it’s out of heart breaking respect believe it or not… you deserve better.

  5. Yes, it’s true when u love someone so much, and they just take advantage of it,u get tired of fighting for thier love to come what can u do, when u know in your heart things ain’t the same.Only u can tell the change in them. Because all the years that u grown to know them,I love my man,, with all my Heart & Soul. I’m tired of all my tears coming down,it’s not doing anything but hurting yourself, knowing things aren’t going to change, But tell your heart to move on and pray to God to heal your hurt & pain that u carry inside of u for so long.God please Heal the hurt and pain ,and send me to the right direction.

  6. As the poem says. It takes strength to let go. I have gained that strength. I am moving on to my next chapter in life. You always wanted me to need you. I never needed you. I wanted you at the beginning but never needed you.

  7. The Heart,,knows all about your feelings, emotions and instincts,it doesn’t lie but u try to say that things will heal all wounds,My heart,has gone threw nothing but hurt&pain,I pray that God heals my relationship’s,but if God sends me in another, direction then I know , I’ve done all I can,for this relationship,I love my Man so much,but I’m tired,I want piece in my heart,all I ask is to be happy,is that so hard to ask

  8. i dont know y i m still around in this world. but for sure i want to see you happy. i wont be able to hate you sir. watever happens. i tried hard but i cant. i dont understand wat this is. is it love or something beyond. i dream of something for myself and find you are alreafy doing the same. i plan for something and catch you planning the same. then y did all this happen to me. y did you leave me. will u leave me again. i m happy to see u happy tats all. but i m not sure y all this happened to me. whom did i harm.

  9. i know you love me but i am not able to love anyone. i am yet to understand if my fate will let me be happy ever.
    i know you are good but i dont know if you deserve someone of better luck than me.
    i m not a roadblock n you are free to move on.
    if u want to help me you need to be true about our story to me. your side of our story.

  10. and this will be my last comment for i dont want to come here anymore. i feel i m begging for something so long. i cant beg honesty any more from who cant once showup to clarify. b happy all.

  11. Babygirl you can love him all you want. In my situation I loved that man to the moon and back. But you know I found out the hard way. He charmed me. Acted like he cared and never ever did. It was all a sick game If you are not happy I would suggest learning to let me yourself again like I did. Hold your head up high and realize you deserve better. You deserve alot better. I have chosen to be single the rest of my life. No dating, no one night stands, Nothing. When I tell people this they look at me like I’m crazy but most people are not comfortable being without a partner. I am. I am so much happier not dealing with someone else’s drama. So just some advice start working on you and try to get out if he is bad to you. I’m sorry you were treated this way. I am also starting school to be a counselor for PTSD victims of emotional abuse.

  12. Yourstruly in my opinion you sound like you are feeling sorry for yourself. You should learn to love yourself and maybe someday you will find that someone to that you can share you life with if that’s what you want. As long as you feel sorry for yourself you will be stuck right where you are. I just learned to love myself and so happy. I don’t need or want a partner in life. Pull your boots up and you will feel better.

    1. You mean others are looking badly for someone in life is it…. just shut up. dont open your nasty mouth and bluff nonsense.

  13. The heart knows what’s best for us…it’s the mind that is stubborn….indeed, nice poetry…listen much to your heart for it is the one which hurts most especially in silence….

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