Life Partner check list.

“Hot bodies are good for pleasure and looking good on your arm, but I know you are smarter than to settle for this. Kind hearts are good for loving your broken parts and accepting you for what you are. Beautiful souls are good for teaching you about life and happiness. Gentle spirits are good for bringing peace and harmony into your life. Artistic minds are good for appreciating differences and depth. Honest consciences are good for trust and reliability. Playful characters are good for laughter and funDon’t you see? When you’re 80 and you’re looking at the last 60 years of your life, what kind of person do you want to have spent it with?
~Anne, Life partner check list.

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  1. Imagine this: You give birth to a daughter. She is terribly precious to you and you teach her to be compassionate, sweet, loving, kind,… Though it doesn’t take long for it to be obvious that she was born a natural beauty. And were that not enough, she pursues athletics and winds up not only a stunning beauty, but also maintains a healthy physique. All the while, she is still your precious daughter with a heart of gold. So you make sure to sit down with her and teach her to discern between those who will love her for who she is and those who will “love” her for what she looks like. Now, she’s 17 and can’t get a prom date. Why? Because the boys fear her rejection. She comes home daily to you in tears. Why? Because the girls call her a whore, not because there is proof, but because it makes them feel better about themselves. Now, she’s 30. She’s been to college. She has a great career. She gives an exuberant amount of money to the poor. She cares for people and loves God. But even at 30, nothing has changed in her personal life. You still see your beautiful daughter as nothing but precious, inside out. But, you find it amazing that she is still alone at her age. “What is it about my daughter,” you ask, “that she can’t find lasting love and sincerity?” Now, you are 80. She is 50 and, though she is still beautiful, healthy, and just as kind and gentle-hearted as she ever was, she is BROKEN. She has spent her entire life lonely, rejected, and taken for granted. YOUR heart breaks FOR her. And as you and your husband of 60 years sit there in your rocking chairs, in walks your stunningly beautiful daughter with a copy of this post in her hand. “Well Mom, Dad, there you go. Your lovely daughter is a victim of common mindset and unworthy of being anything but ARM CANDY!” “But Dear,” you say, “That’s not true at all. It is SO obvious here that ‘Man looks at outward appearance, whereas God looks on the heart.'” “Yes. But tell it to the MASSES!” ijs

  2. I bless the day I found lessonslearnedinlife. My only regret is that I wish I had these lessons when I was a lot younger. Now it id my daily bread.D.Fawehinmi

  3. I look forward to these every day…

    It’s the first thing I check in the morning…

    I am learning so much…

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