Life is an echo.

Life is an echo. What you send out – comes back. What you sow – you reap. What you give – you get. What you see in others – exists in you. Do not judge – so you will  NOT be judged. Radiate and give LOVE and love will come back to you.

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  1. Yes, that´s a good way! Remembers the golden rule: “Treat others the way you want to be treated by them.” If everyone would stick to it, the world would be a nice place.
    I have been trying to live this motto for a long time. For me, it is very difficult to manage the thing, to judge with. Everyone now thinks, he must and can talk with everyone about everything.
    In principle this is not uncorrect. However, this also requires conscientiousness and empathy, which, on the other hand, becomes nowadays extinct. It is difficult to express a judgment, which not only applies the statement which one wants to make, but also the effects which one intends. This is the most difficult part for me and that is why I often lived according to the motto “talking is silver and is silent is gold”. But I must also learn to speak, when somebody ask.

  2. Yes commenter nooneespecial, should we are nice to everyone,we do receive in return the same niceness and kindness of some others for there are really those who are negative and bitter kind of people no matter what we do to be kind to them and we avoid them so as not to be like them.

    We want conscientious and empathic people so as for them to understand our feelings,,to understand the situation…we do not want to judge others so as not to be judged vice.versa…

    The most important thing is that when we are in church- we say Peace…answered with Peace be with you also…

    Being silent is a gold behavior, the mind can speak later when asked to speak of, with all honesty….talking just comes next….

  3. Yes, most of the time this is true…but there are those that can make your life difficult even if you are acting this way. The key is to not let them effect how you want to be. 🙂 Easier said than done sometimes…but worth the effort.

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