Let karma do the dirty work.

A Strong woman doesn’t seek revenge. She moves on and lets karma do her dirty work.

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  1. Call her and apologise.

    For once, you need to give up your EGO and behave a man. EGO is not all, its being human, being a gentleman that is more than that.

    And about dating, you can lifelong anyone anytime. Who is going to intrude even ?
    You will miss her intruding too…

    If at all someone intrudes think you got someone who cares, but you wont get one because you never apologized for hurting a woman’s feelings by blaming her when you are part of it.

  2. Karma…

    When you leave someone emotionally hurt, and make fun of their state, there would be someone else doing the same to your loved ones… and you would not realise even ….because only when it hurts their own do people realise their mistakes… and Often its too late…

    Karma is powerful.

  3. This time will karma hit immediately so his entire clan is left shaken and they never dare to hurt and play with someone feelings again…

    Is karma listening and has power? , then please let it do the same to his loved ones, just like he hurt me.

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