You know that you deserve better.

“Sometimes walking away is the only option. Not because you want to make someone miss you, or realize they took you for granted. But because you finally respect yourself enough to know that you deserve better.”

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  1. If you feel that way, than it is probably true, but then this message should be at least personally said to the one, whom you will break the heart.

  2. If any1 chooses as I have 2 remove others from my life,including my son,something I could never see myself doing no matter how horribly he treated me( he’s my adult child) there is no greater love than the love you hold towards your children, even when they are adults. I understood after 4giving over and over ppl who never cared about me, used me 4 their gain, giving them 2nd, 3rd chances, hoping to see a change in how they treated me but they never changed. I was always someones’ scapegoat. I let this happen by trusting 1st instead of it being earned 1st.If I felt they were good, meant well, appeared honest, I trusted only 2 find they were none of these nor held anything caring in their character. My Son? I could write a book about all he’s done against me 4 his own gain, deliberate Indifference given, hatred, of course the end result is to cause emotional pain, questioning of ones self. I was a very loving, caring, Mom. If I deserved all he’s done? So be it then. I don’t and I’ve grown enough now 2 begin 2 value my self worth taken by years of an extremely abusive marriage. I did all I could. Wanted a loving close family. Never 2 be. His hatred towards me is due to remaining in a marriage that allowed his father to eventually abuse him as well. 1 incident in particular is what he holds against me. He’s 35. I’m 56. I’ve tried talking, begging him 2 want 2 attempt 2 be in my life, I’ve apologized for anything that has left emotional pain w/in him. Offered discussion. Called, Texted. Few times I just stopped attempting to care, love him. Couldn’t. Removed him from my life in the hope he would see the wrongs and grow enough 2 change 4 himself 2 become a better person, 2 want his Mom. Never happened. Found myself texting, pulling him back, letting things go. 3 yrs ago? He took his anger 2 another level. The father he always despised? Became his FB Pic along w/his 2nd wife, their child. Yet all the yrs on FB? I was never family, Mom, I was a friend. Never acknowledged, and here the Man that destroyed all of us he displays as his Dad, his little sister tho he has a sister from my marriage( he didnt mention her) she didnt know he had a FB acct. My “Dad” married a woman 6 months older than me. Yeah, I’m not jealous. Tho I found the age a bit embarrassing. Never 1 pic of me when I was a “friend” 2 him on FB. He posted that pic which is quite old, but my Ex was sueing me and my Son stood w/him, denied me. He chose the abuser. He credited him as a “Dad” I recently found this out only 3days ago. My Ex is a Millionaire now. I’m not jealous, hateful about that either. We divorced in ’97. His 2 children by his 2nd wife along w/her will never ever have 2 work 1 day in their lives if they choose. He has much more 2 lose if he abuses her w/all the money he now has,he will not lose all he has gained by causing a divorce. Learning of that Pic? Of my Son standing w/the man that destroyed our lives waiting to speak against me if needed because he was promised the money, his father later told him( I never planned on just handing you the money) I would control an give 2u if you needed. I tried 2 warn him prior. He chose his father. Bought expensive gifts 4 him, his 2nd wife and never bought a birthday gift or Christmas gift 4me. His Mom. Stopped wishing me a Happy Birthday 6 yrs ago. At some point in your life? If that person means so much 2u and they show nothing but hypocrisy, betrayals, lies, causing so much deep pain in you? In order 2 keep going you either let them go or you continue 2 allow them 2 treat you in every possible way that makes you constantly hurt. All this has occurred over years between my son/I. I believed his lies, he grew up watching me belittled amongst battered so how can i even expect any concern towards me. I said goodbye to him last night. In a different state. A txt was sent. I never thought I’d ever completely remove him. I had 2. I must allow myself 2 heal. I cannot go on holding in all he’s done. I’ve read of others doing this and I was so shocked. Now? I understand why.

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