Keep your power.

The only keeper of your happiness is you. Stop giving people power to control your smile, your worth and your attitude. – Mandy Hale.

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  1. I am Blessed with a new life from yesterday, I am now both the wife of a person who respects my self-respect and a mother of a baby who confides the mom in me.

    I am atleast useful to some one… hopefully this birth of mine is useful to few.

    Hope all the game players keep away and chase someone else. Please let me live. 👪

    To the anonymous cheaters:
    Find your mate, all the best! I m gone once for all… Be happy! May God bless you always, and before you think anymore… Yes, the man who accepted me knows everything of what I am been through. Yes you also…

    Please leave me in peace and walk away…

  2. Itsnewme…deeply sorry misread the news… my humble apologies…moving forward…THANK YOU… truth can be told…and God Bless you and yours…good-bye.

  3. Every one believes in their own god.
    There is No need to shove religion down anyones throat.
    Mormons …jehovahs witnesses are all rubbish.
    Leave people to believe in themselves like the lord says that way they believe him.

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