Keep in touch.

Don’t ignore the effort of a person who tries to keep in touch, it’s not all the time someone cares.

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  1. that is so sweet … i love you Ann you are always in my prayers
    you are an amazing strong woman… God loves you too. xo

  2. It is true, in our busy world of today, it is nice to have someone takes the time to be in touch, I am so lucky I have a friend who calls me everyday at the same time like clock work,even he is on business trips

  3. i have been the one keeping in touch, the one making the effort texting/calling/writing only to be met with “too busy to talk”, or “thats nice, gtg, ttyl” then nothing. it hurts so much not knowing what happened, why the cold shoulder. its not fair or right to do, is it? after many years of friendship, then nothing when a tragic part of life happens? im mad, im very hurt and confused because if you care about someone very much, the people that are very important to you, you keep in touch no matter what. right??? i have been making the effort keeping in touch with this family in my time of grieving the loss of my dad for many months now… because i care for them deeply, they were there and supported me in the early stages of my loss!… but my relatives/others tell me that they should be keeping in touch, because if they say they are my friends and care, right? so not only have i been grieving the loss of my father, It feel as if have been grieving what feels to be the loss of a friendship, too, like they hate me all of a sudden or just no longer find me important enough to give a second thought to or see me as a reminder of a bad time in their lives? i wish i knew because i genuinely love this family for all they done thru so many years, not only just recently… i wish they would come talk to me…

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