Karma cafe.

Welcome to the Karma Cafe. There are no menus. You will get what you deserve.

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  1. EXACTO! This one kind of goes with the one you posted before this entitled, “Don’t be afraid to move on.” For me, you know it’s time when you suddenly realize you are living in “Satan’s Playground”!!! Especially when a person/people want to use you, and become extremely “pushy” & “persistent” trying to force themself on you, totally ignoring how many “NO’S” you give them, with no respect towards you what-so-ever or your feelings, merely to satisfy “their own” selfish needs/desires. It gets very tiring trying to maintain my own self-respect, and not going ‘down’ to their level by having to ‘get angry’ with them in order for them to leave, hence imposing on my peace and positive frame of mind! YES, Karma Business Cards would be very handy to give out at this time! Thanks!

  2. Don’t give them karma cards, they will be given a surprise when time comes. Be ready to see a show and drama that time from them … Picture of they being very generous, helpful , repenting for past mistakes , want to correct every mistake, start new life etc…. Signal is on that karma has come down on them already. Be not swayed by the person again though.

  3. Actually when a person talks too much about karma he has reached the point. Actually everything is planned already and nothing called karma is pre defined. but this point is needed to let them know that true intentions are not to be played around for fun , not knowing what someone was up to.

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