Just move on

And sometimes, you just have to forget about that person you once loved and just move on.

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  1. How do you walk away from someone when your heart beats in their chest. You can’t live with out one even if its broken.

  2. Iv always felt a breakup is like dealing with a death…. U miss them desperately. Everything reminds you of them. And suddenly life is different and now theres an emptiness And u question it and pray to make it stop…. just stop.

  3. How do you move on when he won’t let you too? It hurts pretty bad I play pretend that I’m ok but in reality I’m not. What am I doin, I’m not mad or angry I’m just hurting but why.

  4. you think u know the one you once would die for ,only find out they wouldnt do the same for u .this is killing me how do i just turn my back on her how?????

  5. 14 years is a long time to say goodbye, watching everyday as a bit of your loved one slowly slips away…ever so slowly, slipping inch by inch away. When goodbye is finally said, coldness fills the air you breathe as you slowly watch your soul tumble through the bleeding hole in your heart, Nothing is real but loneliness and the sound of your own tears and the echo of the longest goodbye.

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