Just let it go.

Stop letting it bother youjust let it go. Your mind can only take so much.

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  1. I would like to share this , my fiancé and I just broke up, I couldn’t handle the mental and verble abuse. I found out from a family member the doctors told them when he was a social path. well form the start my health started going down hill . now that he has been gone for a couple of months my health is getting better. A lot of social paths are all so energy vampires. So if your in the relationship I was in get out . and learn how to let it go. U need to cut the cord that connects to that type of person and it is hard but can be done. And then u let go .

    1. Hi Cheryl, I am so sorry you had to go through such pain. I’m glad you are getting healthier. If you want to share this here are the instructions: There is a share button on the Facebook page under the poster or you can share directly from the website page, Look for the blue F (stands for facebook) under the image, click on it. It will open a box. Above the box on the left hand corner you will see/read words” Share on your timeline” If you want that option, then click on the blue (right hand bottom) where it reads: POST TO FACEBOOK.
      Now if you want to share it to a friends timeline go back to to box above on the left, and click on it, YOu will notice it has many option for you to choose from. (Hope these instructions help) Brigitte

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  2. Journalling my thoughts:
    Was awaken by a phone call no one wants to get at 11:30 pm last night. My brother-in-law Reuben passed away in his sleep. He had a massive stroke in March and just never recovered. He had a kidney transplant about 14 years ago and was a diabetic on insulin 5 times per day and a pace maker. We would visit everyday and sometimes twice/day. We stopped all medications in August after his last seizure. He was in hospice care and there were few good days for him.
    Reuben, my brother-in-law, who I have known 53 years, was one who spoke his truth always. It didn’t matter what others thought, right or wrong, it was his truth even though it might create tension, conflict or maybe even peace with a laugh. (Smile)
    Reuben was in harmony with his own personal values, making his own choices based on what he believed in and not what others believed.
    Since March 2, 2018, Eddie and my life changed. I have faith in this life of ours. God is Always a Good God. Every moment God continues to make a way for me. Things look dark and bleak right now, but I do know this, He never gives you more than you can carry. We have to learn to lay our burdens down, knowing that God will always have your back and there is always a plan. That’s what my God does.
    There are three things in life that never come back when we are gone.
    – Time
    – Words
    – Opportunity
    Then, there are three things in life that should never be lost:
    – Hope
    – Honesty
    Then, there are three things in life that are most valuable:
    – Love
    – Faith
    – Prayer
    Then, there are three things that make a person:
    – Hardwork
    – Sincerity
    – Commitment
    Then, there are three things that can destroy a person:
    – Lust
    – Pride
    – Anger
    Then, there are three things in life that are constant:
    – Change
    – Death
    – God
    Finally, there are persons who love you and who will never leave you alone:
    – The Father
    – The Son
    – The Holy Spirit
    Always expect the unexpected. LIFE has no guarantees. We all ENTER into this world the same way BIRTH, and we all exit this world the same through DEATH.
    GOD is not like a genie in a bottle. You can’t wish for favor, protection or advantages in this world. This world is going to always follow normal the laws of order. GOD is not here to stop anything, not bullets, tsunamis, earthquakes, or DEATH. Guess what, the list does goes on for most people. HE provides Grace and Blessings when His infinite wisdom sees fit. 🙏🏽🙏🏽
    This Lesson Learned could’ve come at a better time. “Stop letting it bother you…”

  3. Honestly this is about my mom and one sibling she puts us against each other constantly. She is in an assisted living facility which is absolutely beautiful. All her medical, social, physical needs are taken care of. Yet she insists me and my one sibling are at odds. We busork and try our best for her doctors appointments. My daughter took care of them for over 3 years until my mom argued with her. My daughter always fought for my mother to have the absolute best care even if where she was disagreed. Then she had enough. My mother wore her out and is now causing so many problems between me and my sibling that don’t exist.

  4. Your Mum is mentally confused and your daughter is trying to help you to reduce the stress your Mum is causing. Your Mum has nothing to worry about because all her needs are met so what can she do but cause problems to get attention. I think your daughter is needing support from you so I would make as much time with your daughter as you can, she loves you!

  5. I am trying to do that now. I truly love and care for someone that doesn’t return those feelings. He lost his career because of his drinking. I have been there for him. But he hasn’t been there for me. The last text I sent him was are you alright? Will you let me know? No response. I was blocked on everything. No closure. How do you move on from that?

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