Just another stranger.

It’s sad how the people you were once so close can become just another stranger you don’t know.

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  1. This is absolutely true, I could write a book on this. When a woman says she is strong and independant and doesn’t need a man, its a very respectable thing. But a total TURN OFF for us. It violates our natural desire to provide and take care of you. Thats why asking a ” guy friend” to do something as simple as changing a light bulb for you creates jealousy and makes us feel as if we are not the top priority. Not to be confused with manipulation, we know when you use this against us. Don’t do it if you have no real intent of pursuing a committed relationship. Because to be used.. wounds us so deeply, we will not try again with anyone!!! It is NOT us just being needy, its the natural order of things…we have a strong desire to be the ONLY provider. And yes even above sex. Let us love you.

    1. A strong independent woman doesn’t need a man. Men need to understand that and realize the difference between “needing you”, often looking for someone to fill something that is not complete within themselves and “wanting you”, which means the woman is whole and strong on her own, but wants to share her life with you by choice. Always go for the woman who wants you, not the woman who needs you. You will find yourself in a much healthier relationship.

    2. Not true Barry, I am a very independent woman self employed for 35 years. Oh my boyfriend tells me he’ll fix this and he’ll fix that , after about six months when it’s not done I hire someone to do it. That’s what most women have to do. Lucky those that don’t. I always tell him. I didn’t need you. I want you in my life. He feels better knowing that, even if I do have to hire someone to do things around my house. But yet I am very committed to him. I just don’t believe that another individual has to do things for you And the fact that I feel the way I do! Gets things done!

  2. I can completely relate yet on a different plane…. I have friends who just ghost…. I don’t know how to wrap my head around that.

  3. I find if you haven’t seen anyone you were friends with, the friendship remains the same, providing nothing bad happened between you. But catching up with the latest or what happened since we last met. May strain the friendship, but not always. Depends on the heart of both to carry on with the friendship.

  4. Where you are on their totem pole. If you’re at the bottom then you don’t need them anyway.

    Who needs someone that just calls when they are bored and free to shed their time

    Eventually ears are meant to hear 👂 as well to listen 👂

  5. It’s also sad that somehow you don’t even seem to exist to those people anymore even though they profess they still want to be your friend.

  6. God created the family unit and He has put people in our lives …friends who are loved like family. And these are good things. Satan has come to kill, rob and destroy us and all good things that God has created. God has given His people authority over Satan and God allows us to make our own choices. Choose wisely! Jesus truly is the way, the truth and the life! He is the only way to The Father in Heaven!
    Relationships take work and they need to be nurtured with love and compassion. We are told to love our neighbors like ourselves. It is a very sad thing when people become estranged from one another. Divorce is common place in this day and age, friends may let a silly disagreement come between them, families units are destroyed ! We must be more forgiving to ourselves and others. If we cannot forgive then we will not be forgiven. Forgiveness is actually for yourself too as the other party may not even realize or be thinking about how they have wronged you while you are going around letting it eat away at you.
    We all need to be more compassionate, understanding and non judgemental.

  7. No “one” person can have a friendship with “anyone” if the other “one” isn’t making the same efforts as the other “one” to keep the friendship open. Three of my “bestest, bestest” friends passed away and I have not been able to have that same connection with other people who I considered were my friends.
    One friend stopped calling and decided to text, which I refuse to do. The other friend has a host of female friends that I was introduced to, but their behavior and personality makes it uncomfortable to be in their presence once they get alcohol in their eyesight. Loud and obnoxious women in public or privately has no room in my life.
    Friend who say when you call them “I was thinking about you” each and every time you call but can’t pickup the phone to call you, makes you more distanced.
    Hanging out together with women I do know, don’t want to travel in my area though they expect me to travel to them or a area closest to them, not because my town isn’t nice because it really is peaceful and quite, but because it’s to far.
    I’m done with trying to keep the friendship going, I’m done! It’s obvious, we are not interested in keeping the connection open. I honestly can’t do it anymore.

  8. I disagree with you Barry. That is a motto I have always said because my mother raised me that way. I have been married 32 years and my independent mind has never been a problem in our relationship. Let me ask you – Yes, so YOU (or someone’s husband) wants to to take care of your wife. But ….. what if something were to happen to you, how would your spouse survive? Can they survive without you financially? That slogan is all about survival in my opinion.

  9. People who are only there because you serve a purpose for them disappear when that need disappears. True friends are there not for what you can do for them but for what you do for each other and miles and busy schedules do not change that.

  10. Loves and friendships failed or fallen are not commodities removed from me by the outside mischief of devils.
    I am the chessboard upon which my own games are played.
    If I ever think I can claim a right to rejoice in the sunshine of the positives, I must also accept a balanced and healthy understanding of my complicity in the negatives.
    Like all of us, I am a dynamic mixture of the blind courage of dream-seeking and the results of fear-consuming avarice and avoidance, of the awakened art of successes and their dim opposites, of the talent of achievements and the bumbling miscues of moronic mistakes.
    If loves and friendships are not fulfilled to perfection, many of the results are based on my own choices; based on my own behavior.
    I am who I am; I am what I am and where I am because of me; not thee.

  11. I can relate and would’ve never thought it would happen. My son has a girlfriend, and for 7 months they lived with me. Once he bought a house basically contact has just about ceased. She manipulates and controls everything about him. I can only hope some day he sees what she’s done. ☹️

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