I’ve been through so much.

“I’ve been through so much that there isn’t much left that can scare me. I’ve felt the most pain that I could feel, and I’ve felt the most pressure that I could feel and there’s nothing else left. And I believe that I’m capable of doing anything.”
~Ronda Rousey

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  1. Thank you. That is sooo True. I have Been Used, Abused,Physically,Mentally & Emotionally. What Else Can touch Me.. I Don’t believe what people have to say. The worst for me is to be ignored, when I try to say something,it’s like I don’t exist!!! Ai… Such is Life.. May You All Have A Great 2016… Blessings…

  2. Yes it is true.. I have faced a lot. But now it seems that nothing is left. All has come to end. So much pain, pressure, regret, its enough now.. Literally its enough .. Tired of facing all these things.

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