It’s rare but so are you.

“There are men who will make an effort to make you smile. They’ll support your dreams & encourage the positives in your life. They’ll write you love notes, sweet text messages. They’ll enjoy you beyond the bedroom. They’ll want to know if you’ve eaten. They’ll feed your body when need be & feed your mind if that’s what you crave. There are men who will love you in ways you’ve yet to be loved & that love won’t be watered down by just a physical attraction. That love will be deeper, so deep that the galaxy will be jealous. I hope you find that. It’s rare but so are you. -r.h.Sin

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  1. I’ve always been able to hv u here in my darkest moments, u are my home team.. U and me.. Us and the rest of the FAM.. I will take into account of choosing the right ppl and not fly by night hv my trust.. That is for you to know our secrets.. Lesson in life always in progress:))) psst. I’m missing our hugs.. Cause its the best I’ve felt in a while.. Thank u love..

  2. Sincerely mean that.. No more letting anyone know nothing.Facebook. can come off for the better of life and relationship. Yes tend to get very lazy..

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