It’s always about priorities.

No one is always busy. It’s always about priorities. You will always find time for the people that are important to you.

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  1. It is not “finding the time” but “making” or “taking” the time…”things” can wait…..people cannot. It is sad that the self is thought of overwhelmingly by so many.

    1. You are so right.It’s sad when peoole can find and make time first your funeral but didn’t attempt to find or make time first you when you were here. Makes no sense to me.None at all.

  2. My whole family is sister just told me the other day when I reached out to say I was suffering alone n I felt like I didnt matter…her words ppl got lives and they are busy. Smh…been like that my whole entire life.

  3. People act like they are busy when they are stranglehold to survive.I understand them.But it’s wonderful when you get them out of their struggling to make another day and they revive all the love and hopes you have had for them.It’s really pure and natural.They not seize to exist only, they wander through the galaxies of their unspoken thoughts and they find a Harmony and a true friend in you.It takes a while, sometimes a whole life, but it’s worth it.

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