It’s all about this.

In the end…It’s not about who broke your heart. It’s about who mended it. It’s not about the times you put your self esteem in the hands of others. But instead, the days where you knew your worth. It’s not about those who let you down, but rather those who always held you up. It’s not about the many people who desired you. It’s about the ones that valued you. In the end it’s not about all the times you were called beautiful, it’s about all the days you felt it.

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  1. Wow, that is both powerful and beautiful at the same time….as. Teenager & even into my 20’s I often gave my self esteem to others, it’s where I (unfortunately) learned to put it; my self-esteem. What a very painful way to grow up, and I mean painful, it took me a loooong time to learn & then incorporate my value, my self-esteem into me……who do I have to live with every second of everyday, Me, so what I think of me is truly what matters, & when you can think about it that simply a light turns on & you know….Wow what a feeling to love yourself, to NOT care about what other people think of you; that’s their business right? I am a much happier, more content woman….who Feels Free!
    Wow, I have not responded to a post like this ever, it just hit a chord within! Love yourself & practice that self love everyday and watch your Transformation!!!!!
    <3 ~Kim

  2. This is so true! amazing lesson. thanks for help me wake up everyday with a smile on my face.

    Live, laugh, Love

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