It’s all about the relationship.

A relationship means you come together to make each other better. It’s not all about you, and it’s not all about them. It’s all about the relationship. Support them in their dreams just as much as you would expect them to support you. Make each other better. Challenge each other to go beyond average. Pull out the greatness from within each other. Make sure they can find their biggest fan in you, and you can find yours in them. ~ Trent Shelton

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    1. Hi Jeannie, By signing a subscription here, you get all 5 emails because that is how many posts I make. 3 during the day and 2 at night: at 00:30am and 03:00am. If you do not want all 5, I suggest you unsubscribe by going to one of your emails, ( the bottom) you will find the unsubscribe option. Then you can go on the Lessons Learned In Life facebook page and find the “Sign Up” tag situation on the big cover photo and click on it. There you can request to get only 1 email per day. Thank you for you inquiry. ( These are “website quotes)

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  2. Relationship is yes support bring the best out out encourage to support and be each others fan Support through rough times and good times Always help one another be the best But be humble for having that type of relationship.

  3. Had the greatest worthwhile kind of friendship.relationship with you….sooo precious….priceless…

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