It takes a special kind of woman.

It takes a special kind of woman to accept an apology she never got, but truly deserves. It’s incredibly hard for her to give love a second chance, after she’s built walls. With all she has been through, she decided that the cheap love of her past does not define her as a woman. The fact that she is still standing is proof that no man has the right to ruin her idea of love. Her past is ugly, but look at how beautiful she has decided to be. —Joey Palermo

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  1. Thank you for the inspiring words…lifting my spirit to be strong & get my confidence back… that most of the time I want to give up & let my destiny take it’s course do what it has to do…Thank you for your support… I wish he could read this lessons…for him to realised why he did this… played with my heart & take advantage of my vulnerability ..or bored nothing better to do while working nite shift… Thank you for your kindness Brigette xo

  2. Carol April 5, 2017 Reply

    When I saw this lesson I felt like you read my mind. I gave into trusting for the first time in many years. But he said all the right words, e-mailed me beautiful, romantic ‘letters’ and his calls were the same. Many promises, words of what our future would be like for almost (6) months. But each promise was broken and his ‘words’ of our future together were all lies. After he sent me a Valentine e-mail on Tues, February 14, about it being our first but not our last and added, “so let’s make this a month of exceptional love”, a phone call on Sat., February 18th he suddenly disappeared without warning. Changed mobile #, cancelled cell phone and got on a plane. That I saw after trying to reach him for two weeks out of concern. Bigger than life and selfies he was on Facebook, moved out of state and adding insult to injury blocked me. He has broken my heart in a million pieces, he’s on my mind everyday, all day. Why, I don’t know? Two people told me I look like I’ve went “down hill” for the last two months. Losing weight, when I don’t need to, can’t sleep and other things I should be doing for self care I’m not. But this is not my first time going through something like this. But after reading your lesson today I feel like I can start getting up and “brushing myself off”, once again. Brigitte I love your lessons, they are real and I know many are so relevent to me I post them on Facebook. Then I can go back and read them. Thank you for your support, confidence building lessons and you!By the way yesterday I came up with two thoughts regarding the person without integrity or character. He has 1000’s of followers and followed by the same (that bothers me?!). But anyway I was thinking he is a ‘victor’ who leaves a trail of ‘victims’ behind. I’m sure I am not the first. Then lastly, he “grooms” a woman, very quickly with all the right words, to gain their trust and to have a sort of power over them. Like a pedafile who prepares to kidnap a child. Keep your inspiring lessons coming Brigitte……Carol

    1. Dear Carole,
      Your note went straight to my heart. All I could think of is “Thank God this guy showed his true colors now and now and he is gone out of your life” Out with the trash! Sorry I don’t mean to be insensitive but that guy doesnt not deserve you! The part where you wrote he trails victims? You are so right. But you know, you are the Victor here! You are out of this toxic relationship and you will survive and thrive. Take the lesson not to be so trusting. I have been there before, many times. You know that saying: A lesson will keep repeating itself until you learn the lesson. Hope this never happens to you again. I wish you all the happiness and love you so deserve Carol. Bless your heart. ~ Brigitte

  3. It really effecting me alot reading ur article iam suffring from so much right now it hurt when someone betrayed you.hope everything will be fine one-day

  4. Brigitte and Jitu, yesterday, April 5th, I wrote my first comment in reference to,”It Takes a Special Kind of Woman”. I was very much surprised to see both of you had comments. First let me tell you that your comments touched my heart. I want to thank you for your in-put and concern. I’m sure you probably know there was much more that I didn’t say anything about. Just to let you know that him nor I aren’t babies. I’m 65 and he’s 59, so he says. I would expect more from a “worldly” grown man to handle things much differently than he did.
    Jitu I’m my comment hurt you but he did exactly what you said, betrayed me to the max. I will never know why. He even blocked me on Facebook.
    My intent was not to get sympathy and I know that’s not what you were doing.
    Thank you again for your comments. They were very much appreciated. Bless both of you. I hope only good things for you in this lifetime.

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