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Published on October 22, 2014 in Picture Quotes

If God shuts a door, quit banging on it! Whatever was behind it, wasn’t meant for you. Consider the fact that maybe he closed that door because He knew you were worth so much more.



  1. Majella October 22, 2014 Reply

    Just a wee note to say that I absolutely love your website and always look forward to your posts on facebook daily and glad I subscribed to receiving them via email as well.

    Thank you so much

    • Author
      Brigitte October 22, 2014 Reply

      Thank you so much Majella, <3

  2. Tarun Chakraborty October 22, 2014 Reply

    What has been said in so few words is the ‘ultimate’ of ‘ultimate learning’. This belief is enough to pacify troubled minds…solace tortured souls…console wounded spirits…

  3. Aaron October 22, 2014 Reply

    Luke 18:1-8?

  4. Maria October 23, 2014 Reply

    I love this website it truly makes you rethink life. Thank you!

  5. Valerio December 31, 2014 Reply

    Couldn’t he know that door wasn’t enough good for you in the first place?

  6. Marie December 31, 2014 Reply

    love the wonderful quotes off this page

  7. patricia. ferraiolo December 31, 2014 Reply

    Love your quotes very inspiring. They have touched alot of subjects in my life. Thankyou.

  8. Taye ojuolape December 31, 2014 Reply

    Dis site is absolutely awesome,wen eva i felt a little sober i just ponp in,i got d perfect antidote,u guys are realy tryin,kudos

  9. Saurabh January 1, 2015 Reply

    This website is amazing…
    Thank you..
    I have redefined my life.. Thanks

  10. natalie fields January 7, 2015 Reply

    Yes he new he wasn’t good enough in the first place. Just is not man enough to be honest to her. This is one of the main problems with relationships. Little do men know that they would be such a more loyal person if they would be honest but for some they just aren’t strong enough.

  11. sheila blankenship April 21, 2016 Reply

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