Into the darkness.

When I fade off into the darkness that you don’t understand,I hope you wait for me to step back into the light. But if you choose not to, I will thank you. Because if you never understood the dark side of me, you certainly aren’t worthy of how beautiful my light is. My light is only for the ones who never left me alone in the dark.-Stephanie Bennett-Henry

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  1. I only Pray that you realize how destructive that “Dark Side” is before it is too late, and it destroys you! I know the “Light” side, and it is beautiful, compassionate, loving, caring, hard-working, true and sincere! No one is ‘Perfect’ ….We all make mistakes, stumble and fall! I have every confidence that you can and will come back to the “Light”!

  2. Can I just point out that the poem/quote is about depression not about embracing evil? You have assumed that a return to ‘the light’ might be the choice of the person in this moment. People who suffer depression do so for a multitude of clinical reasons and it is not helpful for people like you to say: errr, embrace God (which is what I think you are suggesting) and your life will be right!!

    1. It could mean a MULTITUDE of reasons! People struggling with drugs, alcohol, etc., etc.! Many people addicted to drugs and/or alcohol also suffer from depression! The two often go hand-in-hand! I am well experienced in this area having counseled many with these problems! In fact, when people are depressed, and turn to drugs and/or alcohol for a solution, this only enhances their ‘depression’ problem more! When they come down from the ‘HIGH’, they are more depressed, and feel the need to drink and/or look for more drugs to get that ‘HIGH’ again, thinking it is solving their depression problem!
      People “Fade Off Into The Darkness” for a multitude of ‘Clinical’ reasons, as you so stated! I was not referring to ‘Satan’, nor embracing God as you suggested.

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