Insane courage.

“You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.”

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  1. This is so true!I´m normally not so couraged. But the last months, I had several times to decide, if I have this courage or not. Well my head said always, turn around, you will not do this. But my stomach said, go ahead, if you don´t go ahead, things will not turm better. The situations were really mad. But than I said to my self. What the hey!I do not give a shit!

  2. Whoa ….. This has been happening to me wayyyyyy too many times lately! Whew …. Is it my courage? Not really sure! All I know is it was out of necessity, for my sanity, and the most recent for my doggies well being! They are HORRIBLE! If they would only stop for a second to think if the same situation was on ‘their side’, they would want the same compassion, love and respect shown towards them! But, NO ….The ONLY thing on their mind is to ATTACK! And, in a VICIOUS manner!

    I just give it ALL to Him! Our Heavenly Father is the ONLY One with ALL the POWER and ALL the CONTROL to solve ALL the problems/issues in this world!

    I feel sorry for them if they do not trust in Him!


    1. ohhh, I see Sandra, vicious attacks sounds very bad…:(
      I think it is always a kind of courage, if you decide to do something, what you can not be sure, that it works out? Is it? It seems to be the problem of decisions, which are made by stomach. This is sad. You are following your feelings, because you cannot manage your thoughts. You quit your brain. This is indeed very egoistic, because you never realized, what your decision means for other people….: (… For your doggies, your decision was surely good, but you did not think they would behave that way…)
      I hope that my decisions, made by stomach, do not have too much bad effects. I wished, I could use my brain more often. I admire people, who can!

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