In your heart but not in your life.

At some point …you have to realize that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life.

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  1. You posted this with this moon. There was a time when I told her the same line.. And her name was … which mean moon.

    And on the contrary, I also told her that there are some people who resides in our lives, our home but not in our heart.

    She was too angry because I told her that she is the permanent residence of my heart, but not in my life.

    Years passed… She vacated her room in my life. but…


    Things Happen. We cannot control or explain it. WE MUST PUT OUR FULL TRUST IN GOD. GOD is the Best Planner. HE is the ALMIGHTY, MOST WISE. SO pG, JUST BE HAPPY and CONTINUE to SUBMIT TO GOD UNCONDITIONALLY and RELENTLESSLY. Gw something Awesome Miracle will happen and we MUST ACCEPT whatever the OUTCOME May BE. Everything GOOD comes from GOD and all bad things come as a consequences of the wrong thing we do. GOD is the Hearer, OMNISCIENT. GOD bless you always. May HE make it easy for you in striving for HIS path and heals whatever troubling your heart.
    May He keep us guided and help us to take advantage of chances to grow our souls. Put your whole trust in GOD. Our Lord never fails to help and support us when we need it. MashaAllah. Praise be to GOD. PEACE <3

    1. What “wrong thing” could an infant possibly do that would deserve the consequence of death? Bad things happen every single day, even to the most faithful and god-fearing believers. Speaking as a reverend, I’ve never met anyone in my 60+ years who’s ever witnessed a miracle. Life is much more random than most people want to believe. Not everyone gets what they truly deserve in life, good or bad.

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