In the end, it’s all about this.

In the end…It’s not about who broke your heart. It’s about who mended it. It’s not about the times you put your self esteem in the hands of others. But instead, the days where you knew your worth. It’s not about those who let you down, but rather those who always held you up. It’s not about the many people who desired you. It’s about the ones that valued you. In the end it’s not about all the times you were called beautiful, it’s about all the days you felt it.

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  1. I’m so happy I found LESSONS LEARNED IN LIFE! The messages are Uplifting and a God-send for anyone who needs to stop being sad, there’s so much to worry about and not understand out there, but special words like these warm your heart and encourage. Thank you so much

  2. Very encouraging, would like to read more of these in the future… Let it keep coming
    Thanks so much


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