In a relationship.

In a relationship, you need somebody who’s going to call you out, not somebody who’s going to let everything slide. You need somebody who doesn’t want to live without you, but can. Not somebody that is dependent, but somebody who is stronger with you. A relationship is two people, not one.

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  1. I agree take 2 people need to be together but each has to be strong for one another unfortunely I’m always the one in mine take care of his needs I had enough I’m looking for my happiness and love myself first

    1. well said!! I don’t know who you are but have the courage to say that its right what you are ylthinking about

  2. No, it’s not that you shouldn’t leave me and take care of your things, or you should play a detective all the time.ItIS where I stand in your life?Am I giving you my heart in your hands and it can be in secure.I need to know this coming out of your mouth.Cause this is what the real people do.They do not only think of someone, they devote to the person they admire.Like I did and I do for three years.Believe me, I had to risk a lot to achieve what I have with you, but I want to hush all these doubts in my head and to know we are Ok, we still love each other.We still pray for our homes and our families and friends together as one.

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