I’m Not Afraid Of Being Alone. I’m Scared Of Ending Up In A Lousy Relationship.

I’m Not Afraid Of Being Alone. I’m Scared Of Ending Up In A Lousy Relationship.

Let’s face it, this generation’s dating scene is absolutely ridiculous. For some people, the thought of being alone is too much to bear. They will go to any length to avoid it, even if that means being with someone that isn’t right for them. To people who feel like this, being with the wrong person is better than being alone.
But I’m different to people that feel that way. I’m okay with being in my own company, and I don’t need anyone there to distract me at any cost.

Here are reasons why I’m not afraid of being alone:


I don’t mind doing things without company
I’m fine being by myself at any given time, no matter what I’m doing. I don’t mind eating alone at restaurants. I don’t mind getting coffee alone, or going to the movies, or going shopping. I’m happy being by myself, and that’s okay. This independence means I don’t need anyone to be there to make something worth doing. I fully enjoy things when I do them alone.
I know the right person will come along eventually
I’m in no rush to be with someone. I know that when the time is right, the person meant for me will come into my life. I’m not in any hurry – I know everything happens in its own time. Until then, I’m happy to wait patiently and get on with doing my own thing.
I don’t need anyone – I’m enough for myself
This is the big one – although being in a serious, committed relationship with the right person would be incredible, I don’t need anyone in my life. I am enough for myself. I am complete by myself. I am happy, I am fulfilled, and I have purpose all by myself. Another person wouldn’t bring those things into my life; they’d just be someone to share those things with.


Being alone gives me more time for myself
I really value my alone time. I like to spend time and energy on the things that interest me, or help me to progress and develop both as a person and in my career. Being alone allows me to focus on these things, without having to make sure I leave enough time to spend on another person.


I don’t want to be with the wrong person
Although a relationship with the right person is a very attractive prospect to me, a relationship with the wrong person is something I desperately want to avoid. Sometimes, it can be all too difficult to know the difference until you’re knee deep in the relationship. After all, some people don’t reveal their true colours to you until you’ve been together for a while. As nice as being with the right person sounds, jumping into a relationship with someone I’ve just met, even if they seem great, just isn’t worth the risk. I like to take my time, and I like to take things slowly. That way, I can for the most part avoid a lot of the risk of ending up with the wrong person.


I have my friends and family
My friends and family mean everything to me. They’re the people I love, the people that care about me the most. Having these people close to me makes life far easier. They keep me sane, and they’re great company. With brilliant people like them in my life, I don’t need anyone else to spend time with in order to feel less alone.
I only have to worry about myself
Being alone means that you’re your only priority. You don’t have to consider someone else when making decisions. I don’t have to worry about another person’s safety, or take into account someone else when thinking about food or money or time. It’s nice being responsible for myself and myself alone, rather than having to consider another person.
There’s always loads of space in the bed
One great thing about not being in a relationship is the crazy amount of space in my bed when I go to sleep. I can stretch out as much as I like, and I don’t have to worry about taking too much of the covers or laying on their side of the bed. Although having another person nearby is nice and cuddling is awesome, being single can be bliss when it comes to sleeping.
I’ll admit, I’ve been foolish. But, I’ve learned my lessons. I’ve been through a lot of shitty relationships to finally accept the fact that ending up alone is not what scares me the most. In fact, when I think about it, staying alone until I meet the right person is not a bad idea at all.

Written by Maverick, Staff Writer at Lessons Learned In Life Inc. ©️

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  1. I love being alone. I have so many trust issues. I am always looking over my shoulder when I was in a relationship. My last relationship I loved him with all my heart but we were toxic for each other. So he is my last relationship I will ever be in. I wish him well. It sucks that my past has made me have issues that I need to be alone. I do miss you E.T. We just can’t be together.

  2. I am quite happy with my life. One thing I can’t understand, why you are so worried about someone’s life? Mind your own life. Whatever is happening in my life meant to be that way. I am not willing to change anything in my life. I prefer quite life. If people need help I will help, if it’s in my power. So thank you for caring, being supportive even though I never asked. Who knows maybe one day love will hit me that I will then risk to change my life. No matter what I will stick with my dysfunctional family. Just don’t be too inquisitive, we don’t know what’s going on in other people’s life behind the closed doors.

  3. I guess I am the sort of person that is terrified of being alone. I don’t have much friends so my being alone is sort of lonely.

  4. Of course what you wrote is right. But I have to addmitt… Spending life alone is meaningless. I’m 45. I’m alone again in my life for two years now. There is nothing speciall about drinking coffe only by myself. Going to movies alone. Or hiking mountains…
    I didn’t get used to it. And never do…

    Everyone is different – I know. But you can’t say that is right to be alone as everyone should take it as a life formula…

  5. Your never alone when you have a big hairy dog wanting to spend every waking moment right by your side.
    He will come.
    I don’t mind being alone most of the time. But sometimes…

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