I’m in it for all three.

It is such a rarity nowadays to find someone to fall in love with and stay in love with. People don’t seem to want to grow old together anymore, I guess there’s no thrill in that. There’s no thrill in being comfortable, or knowing someone like the back of your hand. I guess you can say I’m an old soul. I’m not about going out every other night or constantly trying to talk to someone new… I just want someone real, something that could last a lifetime. I never needed affection or attention from a various amount of people to make myself feel worthy. I will always be content with the one I love. I guess that just barely exists. It’s almost impossible nowadays to count on someone with all your heart. Seesh, It’s more dangerous than anything. I guess you can say I’m one of the rare ones. I’m not just in it for a reason, season, or lifetime. I’m in it for all three. ~ Melissa Molomo

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  1. Yea it is nice to have your soul mate plus grow old with… And Not having to worry whether they love you or not cuZ you know you just know.. And How that feeling feels just to know that they love you. I
    Would want others to experience this awesome feeling.. This puts a smile on my face..

  2. Thanks for this. it describes how I feel to a tee. Had my soulmate who is this way too…he found a barfly… liquid courage and we are no more. My current BF holds his feelings in not sure I can do that…I love to talk… scares me if something is wrong will I know after its too late? Still miss my old flame…he was my best friend too….

  3. If loves someone who is very sensitive, moody, n misunderstanding, need more patient. Cuz love doesn’t care bout that, just need more time, time to see each other face to face. Different cultures, different language sometimes makes them shock cultures! lol

  4. I think it’s a wonderful feeling knowing that I have someone who is there for me in the good and bad “seasons”. Someone who knows me completely and accepts all my atributes but more importantly my faults and flaws. Someone who will listen, hold and make me laugh when I’m down. My husband is all the man that I need.

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