” I’m home.”

” Life gets pretty hectic. Sometimes feeling like we’re on a roller coaster and we never know what’s around the bend or what’s going to happen on the ride. What really matters are the moments along the way, how we spend our time, and who we spend it with. We soon find out it’s the “simple things” that really matter; someone beside us to hold, or to love, or just to chill with at the end of our day. To say to ourselves: ” I’m home.” ~Brigitte Nicole

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  1. I’m not angry. Sheesh! All this is my fault. I rushed. I did the exact opposite of what God told me not to do. He said that you have come a long way and to go slow and I did the exact opposite. I’m sorry. : )

  2. Bunny, don’t beat yourself up that way!
    Everyone messes up, often many times in their lives. The answer is to take a deep breath, roll up your sleeves & try again, never give up on yourself. You can become the best, most loving friend you’ll ever have!

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