I’m at a point in my life.

I’m at a point in my life where I just want my family happy, my faith strong, my health good, my mind right, my dollars tight, and no unnecessary drama.

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  1. Amen God I need you to help me to mend my family back together. It’s all broken into different pieces..thank you God

  2. Shannon,hope you are well… I learned the hard way trying to do the same thing, unfortunately, yes even family members have different agendas.

    Family members are sometimes the toughest or even impossible to please…

    I know it’s difficult, but take care of yourself first, create a little distance and space from their issues, their negative and toxic fews and carry on…

    Friends are often more carrying, understanding and know your plight, which was once my plight, until no matter how much you tried, prayed etc… They won’t comply…

    Take care of yourself and your health first, trust me cos if you fall ill, etc, they won’t be there for you…I KNOW FIRST HAND!!!

    I know it’s difficult, but it’s an unfortunate fact of life…

    “What hurts Educates”



  3. Love this mantra, it is the perfect Affirmation. Self care is always the #1 thing I try to teach my clients as many of them end up in my office trying to take care of others. Many of them have been taught that self care is selfish. So they often find themselves surrounded by needy people. Then, all to soon, the find themselves depleted with nothing left to give. You cannot give from an empty well.

    The truth is that the better you take care of yourself, the more you will have to give others. The more you love yourself, the more love you have to give. Always put the oxygen mask on yourself first or you just may die struggling to put it on another.

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