I’ll never stop trying.

I am enough. I am positive. I love with my whole heart. I am fiercely loyal and beautifully vulnerable. I am independent and strong and courageous. I am compassionate and creative. I am authentic with my words and my sentiment. I practice kindness and I forgive easily. I make mistakes – but I learn from them. And, I can do hard things. I have the ability to love any child as if they were my own. Nothing makes me happier than watching my friends succeed. I take risks even though I’m petrified of failure. And I do this because my faith is stronger than my fear. I am aware of my weaknesses and I am not afraid to apologize for my actions when necessary. But I never apologize for who I am. I see magic in every child’s eyes and feel hope in every baby’s giggle. I try every day to be a better version of myself. And I’ll never stop trying.

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  1. vous ne l’accepte tout ce que je dis , même alors, et même maintenant .
    son partout et passer , pour la vie n’a pas fait la justice ne peut corriger .

    toute la magie ne peut pas changer ce que happenned et je ne regarde rien
    pourquoi voulez-vous de souffrir encore et encore , s’il vous plaît venir voir wats à venir.

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