If you claim to love me, show me.

If you claim to love me, show me. If you love me please do not needlessly hurt me. I have been broken countless times before yet I am still fragile. There’s no telling if the broken pieces will fit together again next time around. Do not harden me. I want to keep loving the world and the people in it. Please treat me kindly. Handle me with the care you’d give to your favorite glass. I want to love you but I can’t until you earn my trust. Do not drop me. In return I will love you as fiercely.


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  1. People always promise that they will never you. I can not promise that, because I am a flawed human and because I am sometimes hurting and hurting people hurt people. (Joyce Meyer comment) I can only ask that you let me know that I said or did something that was hurtful. Sometimes when a person asks to be accepted, it is not only with the good,some bad, but with the really, really….ugly. People sometimes can’t be honest enough to let the other person know what they are really feeling because they are afraid it won’t be returned and only receive rejection, or other circumstances are in play as well as other people. If it is meant to be it will happen.

  2. We are bounded with imperfections and we sometimes realize the fault we did after everything is being done. We hurt others coz we are not perfect. Likewise, we also carried some pains brought by others. I believe this is what love- loving someone without conditions in return. On the other hand, those who were hurt and choose to love again without conditions are those who were strong.

  3. Loving a person involves letting them see all sides of you. And that the friendship/relationship is based on trust, honesty, integity, wanting the very best for their friend’s happiness. Loving from the friend is allowing themselves to be seen from all sides, too! Sometimes, one person knows more about the other friend and that puts the other at a disadvantage not knowing zip, zam, zooie about the friend that has more insight. We all live with the fear that if they really knew us they would walk away. That could be a possibility or find out that they can be accepted good, bad, the ugly. We all have said and done things we regret doing. I have learned we all have a dark part in our souls. I just know when I like a person. Know nothing about them but I know I like them. If the friendship/relationship is to be it will happen.

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