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Published on July 12, 2015 in Picture Quotes

Love is more black and white than we like to tell ourselves. Don’t allow anyone to keep you trapped in the “promise” of the gray area. The bottom line is: If they love you, TRULY love you, they’ll do whatever it takes to be with you. There won’t be excuses or doubts or fears or hesitation. Love is ACTION. Everything else is just words.
~Mandy Hale – The Single Woman


  1. Pop P. July 12, 2015 Reply

    So true, thank you

  2. Theresa Marlowe January 10, 2016 Reply

    I fell in love with this site last year, so many that relate even down to the very words I want to say, yet it’s written here..thank you, sincerely, Theresa t.Marlowe

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