If I tell you I love you.

I don’t let people in often and I mean what I say. If I tell you you’re my friend, that means a lot, if I tell you I love you, know that it isn’t a phrase or expression and know that I actually love you in the best and most honest way that I can.

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  1. “Ich liebe Dich!” eine wunderschöne Wertschätzung für diesen Satz! Vielen Dank! Nein, man darf diesen Satz nicht einfach, unüberlegt sagen. Unglaublich, wenn wenn er trotz aller logischen Überlegungen gesagt wird. Scheinbar sinnlos, egoistisch und unverständlich.
    “I love you!” A wonderful appreciation for this sentence! Many Thanks! No, you can not say this sentence simply and rashly. Unbelievable, if he is said in spite of all logical considerations. Seemingly senseless, selfish and incomprehensible.

  2. Saying I love you is not a joke…..it must mean soooo true and sincere….love encompasses everything……

  3. Commenter Petya, you seem to be so much in love…express that to the person whom you love…for reciprocity purposes….

    Love when shared gives more meaning…deeper meaning and color to our existence….

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