I will no longer tolerate people who put me down.

I no longer need to maintain abusive relationships. As I continue to grow and heal, I attract those people who love me for who I am. I have no need to deny my feelings, or to disguise my thoughts and beliefs. I will no longer tolerate people who put me down, manipulate me or humiliate me. I am surrounding myself with people who are consistently loving and respectful. I will pursue people with whom I can share myself in totality, with the complete confidence that they are accepting me for myself alone. I have the courage to terminate relationships with people who are overly critical or not accepting of me. My world is populated with self-respecting people who radiate caring respect and consideration back to me. ~ Rokelle Lerner

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  1. Do you know what , i dont care any more wiith people they dont see theri mistake , but so quckly they find yours , so funy each time after agood time in resturand or a coffe bar With some people i get all negative comment , i dont konw what im doing worng to get all this, ihave so much in my plate i dont thing i can handle all this any more Be pation all i need afew days to find some were els to do my work out , and you can have all the peace you want, thanks for your firendshipes made me cry most of the time time im done lam so tierd i dont do any thing wriite what ever i do is worng

  2. Do you know what , I had enough , people they dont see their mistake , they so qouick tdo judge others , my experance with some firends , after each good time we spend to gether in resturant or acoffe bar instate to feed back me to say aat least to say thank you we had good time all i hear nagetive commment and they so ready to end up the firendship so for that reason im done all i need to find another place to do my work out , you can have all the peace and good luck , you l lost a good firends

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