I want to travel, see new places.

I’d love a new start, to leave all bad memories and people who have done me bad behind. I want to travel, see new places, different art, different music, touching hearts. I want to meet new people, who will show me what it is to love and be loved in return. I want to leave it all behind and re-write my story.

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  1. GOD is Running everything. Everything happens for a reason. Good Luck and God bless you(unknown) always. Put ur full trust in HIM, then God will love u and…..love and happiness will be yours..Gw. Peace 🙂

  2. Admirable sentiments. I love to travel.

    But running away isn’t travel. Because no matter where you go, there you are.

    You are still you. If you were lonely or didn’t have a lot of friends where you are now, you will be the same way in a new place.

    Same life, different scenery.

  3. It’s not enough to “want” this I realised. One gas to actually live it and believe “it is”. I am and trust me it’s doing wonders .

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