I want to forgive myself.

I want to forgive myself for not always reaching for the stars, for being fragile, for unnecessary guilt, for blaming myself for my misery, for striving for unattainable perfection, for turning against myself, for closing my heart to myself and to others, for rehashing hurtful accusations others made against me, for trying to anticipate everything, for hating myself sometimes
In short, I want to forgive myself, for I am human, I am not perfect. And through my mistakes is how I learn, and through forgiveness I will learn to love myself.

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  1. I am at this place today, hating myself, hating my life, hating that I can’t provide and do better for my kids…pissed and angry…wishing I was dead, wishing suicide would resolve the hurt and pain…unable to smile, to love, to laugh… Blaming it all on myself…still unable to see a different perspective and turn things around mentally, unable to love who I am right now or understand how my past has created this life for me…

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