I want to forgive myself.

I want to forgive myself for not always reaching for the stars, for being fragile, for unnecessary guilt, for blaming myself for my misery, for striving for unattainable perfection, for turning against myself, for closing my heart to myself and to others, for rehashing hurtful accusations others made against me, for trying to anticipate everything, for hating myself sometimes
In short, I want to forgive myself, for I am human, I am not perfect. And through my mistakes is how I learn, and through forgiveness I will learn to love myself.

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  1. just keep trying…I think you have made a good start in that you recognize that you are human like the rest of us, you make mistakes as we all do, you kick yourself for some undone or unsaid stuff as we all do …and you are seeking & searching: that’s what life is all about…learning to get up after a fall & trying to help others when they stumble or feel weak…you are on your way (don’t look back) just keep advancing towards ‘the light’…we are all with you wanting you to make it! good luck…

  2. I’ve been going to counselling on & off for thr last 30 or so years. I’ve figured out on my own with these sessions that i have grief issues and i had to forgive myself for alot of things… what a beautiful post. Thank you

  3. This an awesome dialogue of forgiveness, thank you because this was apart of who I was & now I’m healing

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