I told you I’d move on.

I told you I’d move on. I told you I’d let you go someday. Honestly, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done but it was worth it. For me, for my heart. You hurt me so bad. You killed my trust, you changed me. I knew I could be strong enough to let you go. I knew it and I did it. I can’t explain how proud I am. Because I’m the only one who knows how much you hurt me. But here I am now, healing. We may love the wrong person, cry for the wrong person, but one thing is sure, mistakes will help us find the right person someday.


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  1. i like youe posts especially about ppl and there feelings /and being hurt or lied to and cheated on you have a vast aray of nice comments/posts thank you …

  2. Lucky are the people who have moved on in life. Sad for the those who are still in love with the former ones.

  3. Peace. ~Unknown Congratulations. May God continue to make it easy and bless you with healing and copious comforting Love. Bless your soul…. believe me… I NEVER EVER WISH TO HURT YOU or ANYONE ELSE for that matter… it’s NOT my NATURE and it’s not ME. Remember God is Running everything… everything is under GOD’S control. No force in the whole universe can prevent it from happening…God is the Almighty the Best Schemer, the King, Lord and Master of the universe. I’m dumbfounded as to HOW and WHEN did I ever kill your trust?…how do I do that UNKNOWN…. is it in your dream? I’m not sure who you are…if it’s “you” the person whom I think “you” are the one I used to know… it’s just just impossible…. I have not seen/talk to “you “ since May 2014. Come on… you refused; you refused to talk to me… and you know how to get in touch with me…. if you want to. So please enlightens “me”, your “ paranoid g/ma”b/fore it’s too Late. Peace 🙂

  4. Goodbye my friend, until our souls will leave our bodies, even though if we meet up in heaven, I have no choice other than volunteerilly to run to hell’s gate.

  5. I love reading phosts from this page…I love writing poems…and whenever I feel sad I put into writings all my thoughts and pain…

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