I sat with my anger.

I sat with my anger long enough, until she told me her real name was grief.

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  1. I have experienced the death of a loved sister. As the Executrix of the estate I have had to delay my grieving. I appreciate knowing that my simmering anger is grief waiting to be recognized.

  2. I realize it’s grief, but because no stranger wants to meet someone who is suffering from loneliness… Who wants to be with someone who has no friends because I had to leave a violent, religious fanatic in order to survive… And now I have to survive, alone, in France, no friends, no family. At my age, that kind of person is not someone you’d hang out with 😢

    1. Why would anyone not want to be with someone who was strong and brave enough to leave a toxic life and start over? You have my deepest respect!

  3. Sabine,
    Every woman who I told the truth to stopped contacting me, and every man who I thought seemed to be loving, as soon as I told him the truth, disappeared without telling me why, but after I told him the truth.
    Even my family has told me to lie, and told me I will always be alone if I continue to be honest. So even my family doesn’t believe in me. Total honesty means being alone in a world where liars prevail ? 😢😢

    1. The rising individuality of a man makes him more lonely.You can not grief for what you have been, even if that person served well it was then- at that particular time, moment ..for these particular people.It is natural that you now become a version of yourself that will be in serve to the new time and different kind of people.
      You should be happier – this is a new level.
      Take your time to grieve, be completely honest and pick yourself from that stage, because you have entered in another- better one, which will fullfil your life with a new purpose.
      Enjoy and trust the process…

  4. Barbara
    U a absolutely amazing and am really proud of you, just keep been you sooner or later you gonna find the right people around.

  5. On death and dying by Kubler Ross will help you. You need to go through all the stages that death brings.

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