I love you.

Say “I love you” often. Forget mistakes. Forgive. Plan alone time. Focus on the things you love about each other. Do not expect perfection. Support one another. Say “thank you” for everyone needs to be appreciated. Hold hands. Take walks together. Hug and kiss everyday.

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  1. This word and the thoughts behind it must have meanings that’s true. It is a beautiful word and most appreciated, it is hard for some to say. But me it rolls off my tongue because I truly believe in love and I really do love. I love all my Facebook friends.

  2. I believe in love also like Marie above. However, the quote is hard for me to swallow as the person saying those lovely words had another woman (women?) also.

  3. well….i think the most beautiful thing 2 people can say to each other….is….you are beautiful/handsome because i love you

  4. I love you 2x…and I love you….

    Thanks for having come into my life and passed my along sometime.

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