I love when you become so close with someone…

I love when you become so close with someone, that you can see parts of each other in one another. You begin to say the same things, steal lines from each other and have a similar sense of humor. You can exchange an inside joke with just a glance. You don’t even have to talk because you have such a strong connection with them. You can sit in comfortable silence but also talk for hours.
It’s really hard to find that kind of compatibility.


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  1. I feel truly blessed to have experienced this at some point in marriage. However work, kids & everyday stuff get in the way. And after sometime we realize that what we shared has faded away.

  2. I’m 45 years old and the one who I thought was my soul mate has just left me. Now I am afraid that I will never again become that close to someone. It’s a scary feeling

  3. Am grateful once again in 1day from this website. I am grateful that we very often many times in 1day we finish each others sentences or say the same thing at the same time I believe it is all about being Soul Mates. Thank You for your post.Gloria

  4. I’m 33 and I’ve never had the chance to be so close to a man.
    I think that I don’t allow myself to do so because I’m so afraid to be left.

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