I knew she was hurting.

I asked her if she was ok and she said “I’m fine I swear.” But when I looked into her eyes, I clearly saw her struggles there. She quickly looked away, and tried her best to smile. She said softly “I’ll make it through this, it’s just taking me a while.” I knew she was hurting, and I knew her pain was deep. But she felt the burden was hers, and hers alone to keep. I reached out to her, and our hands entwined. I said “I love you my friend, so your burdens are also mine. – The Shy Poet.

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  1. Touching someone in pain is so important!
    It means I know what you are going through and I am here for you and giving you love and concern.
    Be kind to people and you will get back more than you give!!!!

  2. Right commenter Hope….since time immemorial, I was taught on how to be kind almost all the time…thanks for being there always…your name implies…so nice…

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