I just miss you.

Death Changes Everything. Time Changes Nothing. I still miss the sound of your voice, the wisdom in your advice, the stories of your life and just being in your presence. So no, time changes nothing. I still miss you just as much today as I did the day you died. I just miss you.

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  1. I just miss the days when we were still connecting friends….

    In my heart and in my mind, the thought of you never dies ’till the end of time.

  2. Arlene G. Benulos/noonespecial, the other half…a poem of death inspired me to push harder to make a goal for extended life, it also brought about a regret of ripping up my movie outline long ago in a drunken rage…that poem l found a writer l believed could help me renew what was lost…in time l became infatuated as we truly naturally read each other’s words…and my heart got very caught up… I didn’t realize until July 2017…the silhouette of a pregnant women upon my first apology…when l thought I would only hurt you…even though I have issue/regret of never fathering a child and now that is to late for me,reality, l don’t have 26 QUALITY years to properly rear a child…all my fault for fear of a side of me l left long ago…through the little l know of you if I was 26 years younger l wouldn’t hasitate… I’m not…your words have touched me deeply and somehow l know you know that, and it has taught me that you you deserve so much more as you have so much to give…l forgot the dirty grandpa post and from July until recently I wondered how you knew of my issue…few knew…l can only ask that someday we could be plutonic friends…now my SINCERE APOLOGY to you mostly and also to your family and friends…and to my wife and family as well (who I am sure all are reading this as well) if anyone needs to reveal their names thats their call…l am very old school and can only rat on myself…there are very few who truly know that about me…so whatever penance I have to pay l’ll pay, one way or another for my emotional cheating…whatever I get from that I earned it I did it, l can only ask forgiveness and have learned what it is to be small…my crossroads no one else’s… my sincere apologies to all l have hurt, ALWAYS.

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