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Published on May 31, 2017 in Picture Quotes, Revive

Death Changes Everything. Time Changes Nothing. I still miss the sound of your voice, the wisdom in your advice, the stories of your life and just being in your presence. So no, time changes nothing. I still miss you just as much today as I did the day you died. I just miss you.


  1. Joan Hickok May 31, 2017 Reply

    This is so true,my husband is gone three years now and I still think of him all the time.I miss him so much.

  2. Jing June 1, 2017 Reply

    On 5th of June would be my Mum’s 11th death anniversary and I still cry at night…I miss her so much

  3. malama June 4, 2017 Reply

    very true. time goes with opportunity but death with time.
    even the Bible say so about time

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