I hope you find that person.

I hope you find someone that loves you when you wake up in the morning. And I hope that person stops you from running to the bathroom to fix yourself before they can even get a peek at you. I hope they tell you how beautiful you are, not just in the way you look but in the way you hold their hands and laugh at their jokes. I hope you find someone who sends you messages when they don’t know whether to get coffee or tea at Starbucks. And I hope that person shares their cookies with you when they only have one left in the jar. I hope they buy you pizza when you’re having a crappy day and listen to you complain about the scripts in television shows that didn’t go according to your ways. I hope you find someone whose kisses make you forget you were ever upset in the first place. And I hope that person holds you like the one would hold an antique vase. I hope the first thing they see in a crowd is your face and I hope they find you in everyone else they meet. I hope you find someone that will give you the wings to soar and I hope this person decides to fly with you. I hope you find someone that really deserves you as much as you deserve them. I hope you find that person.

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  1. I did. He was the most wonderful person in the world. He always told me I was beautiful, even in the most troubling times of my life. He never failed to tell me how much he loved me, and wanted the best for me.

  2. I’ve prayed to God for this special woman. I’m waiting patiently and I know I will love her like no other.

    Someone I can be crazy about and her about me.

  3. This is my hope I give myself to a special person in God’s name. Even in my younger days the man I thought would be there for me was not.
    I ask You is there a special man for me?
    I am giving myself to that someone special through God. All I ask is to be in a man heart like he will be in mine! I will but him first and all I want is for him to be there for me like I will be there for him!!!

  4. Fortunately, I believe my journey has come to a turn in the road! I have been blessed at finding a wonderful person, who also believes she has made the same find. Our adventure together only now has begun! Our new lives, destiny, and future is unfolding before us. Happiness is our’s to make, for being as one is our goal. Love is all we desire, for the rest of our life! K & P

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