I hope you find it.

I hope that someday you find someone that gives you butterflies the moment you meet them. And that the first time you touch, it feels like electricity is running through your body. I hope that when you’re with them, you never want to leave. I hope you are the first and last thing they think about every day. I hope you play it cool in front of people, but can’t keep your hands off each other in private. I hope that when you give them your heart, they don’t break it. I hope that the things they tell you aren’t just things you want to hear, but things they want to say. I hope that you fit in their arms better than the last piece of a puzzle, and that you always feel safe when they hold you. I hope that when you fight, you fight hard, but that when you love, you love harder. I hope that once you find them, you can’t picture your life without them. I hope that they take your breath away. I hope that, together, you create happiness. I hope that with them, you’re not afraid of the future, but excited for it. I hope that, every day, they tell you how much they love you. I hope that when you find them, you realize it before it’s too late. I hope that you take them and love them and never let them go. I hope you find it.
~Lauren M. Smith

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  1. I thought I had found that special person but after 2 months of having the most amazing time. Everything changed overnight he became so negative towards me so I really don’t think I will ever find that kind of love again gave him my heart and he just crushed it

  2. That was beautiful. I pray that will happen in my relationship one day i have been married for 11yrs as of Jan 15th it was just another day just like my Birthday and Christmas.it hirts but what we once had a slipped away and now its just routeen and if i get a bug or a bad cold feeling teall bad it just routeen i get up clean cook and still carry on i get my own hot tea while he either watches the Game or plays on his phone what we once had was as you wrote but now its just like living with a friend it is sad one day i hope we get it back or part our ways Love is never suppose to sizzle out with the one God gave you so i pray bring us back together or part our ways this is not how love is suppose to be that is my Anniversary

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