I hope he loves you like this.

I Hope he Loves you like This. {Poem}


I hope he cooks you breakfast
Knowing how you like your eggs
how you take your coffee
how little or how much you wish to speak.
I hope he cooks you dinner, too
For no reason at all.

I hope he holds your hand proudly
as you walk through a room
of people you don’t know.

I hope he builds you up
until you are standing on a pedestal
of your own creation.

I hope he encourages you to make art
take risks
travel the world
be alone—
always knowing that you’ll be back
home in his warm embrace
as long as his heart is open.

I hope he wears his heart on his sleeve
and is not shy
to adorn yours
as well.

I hope he is the kind of person
who, when presented with the ocean,
will not shy away
from diving in
to ride the waves.

I hope he is all of himself
unafraid to own
his stories
no matter how dark they may seem.

I hope he can see that all of you
is in the stars
poking through
the dark sky
of your past.

I hope he is not scared
by your ability to choose growth
your ability to not be held hostage
by the person you were yesterday
last week
last year.

I hope his attention span
is as long as every word
that exits your mouth
your heart.
I hope that he hears your truth
and meets it with gratitude
for your vulnerability.

I hope he loves you
in a way you didn’t know love existed.
For you have only seen love
in other places
with shaky ground that fell
beneath your hopeful feet.

This is who I hope
for you—
Because you are worthy
of being loved
by a heart so bright
the sun blushes
in admiration.


Author: Annabelle Blythe

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  1. I don’t say wow to often ,but seriously WOW! Its like you reached into the recesses of my hearts desires. I cudnt have said it better if I’d written it nyself. Sadly no he doesn’t God I wish he did then your words would not echo my heafts truth so loudly, I’m too jaded to even care that I’m doing exactly what I promised I would never do. The unthinkable…I’m settling. So my darling I will read your words over and over like a payer and from your pages to Gods ears he will love me that coz I deserve it.SS

    1. I have settled to . This also is my hearts desire what makes us think we don’t deserve love like this ?

  2. No, u misunderstand me . I know I deserve this kind of love because I love so completely , so deep ,selflessly without reservation. Life has gotten in the way so not all the blame falls on him ,like I said I’m exhausted ,drained really to the bone but I’m emotionally intelligent enough to know that if real love ever existed between us I would have noticed something missing , so I figure ; either I did and just didn’t care of I didn’t notice coz I’m oblivious …and I’m oblivious because I don’t care. So either way …its neither here nor there just going with the flow. Iv had dangerous crazy passionate love so if its written for me to ever have it again Brilliant! If not …ah well #shrugsShoulders

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