I have two moods.

I basically have two moods, either lets do something spontaneous and awesome, or let’s just stay in bed all day and forget the world exists.

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  1. How do a person get help for anxiety it’s the most terrible feeling ever. I don’t even feel like going anywhere, it makes me feel misrable!

  2. @ Mary: Awwwww…..I’m sorry! I know the feeling! You can start with discussing it with your Primary Physician. From there, he/she can refer you to the proper doctor/network to get you connected, and started in the right direction. It’s nothing to be ashamed of! It happens to the BEST of people! Please do it! It’s something you can do for yourself! And, try to get out as often as possible. I know in this world we live in today it just seems like we want to just hide and stay away from all this bad stuff going on! But, in spite of all that, there are some good people around too! I wish you all the best! God Bless you!

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